~ A Letter from Lisa

A golden heart, a genuine soul, with true experience and wisdom... Not sure exactly where you fit in? You NEED to meet Rori! Don't shop, or purge, until you connect with her. We don't all dress for the same reasons, therefore unmet expectations can bring on the stage of depression a lot of us battle.

This message is long, but I really feel well worth the read, especially if you are like I was, and still trying to figure out where your alter ego actually fits in this crazy world. And, moreover who you can trust out there!

"Lisa" has explored alone sense I was very young. I am now 50. The sad part is it wasn't until I met Rori the day other day, that she put everything into perspective for me. Bottom line, not only is she amazing at makeup, clothes, hair, etc. she has a real understanding of the issues we face and maybe a little better perspective on how we can deal with them.

I have been through the painstaking struggle of buying women's clothing and then finding places to hide it. I've purged at least 8-10 times and was dead-set each time that was it, I was done! Now that I think about it that way, I let some really cool purses go, a really nice pair of leather pants, several different pairs of very expensive leather boots, tons of make up and jewelry and wigs, and the list goes on and on and on. Have you ever purged? Ugh!!!

So... why do I write all this and expect you to glean anything from it?

A trip to the Chicago area and a visit to "Transformations By Rori" cleared my head, met me where I was, and helped me get a grasp on who I really am. It was a very emotional couple days!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!

I've dressed and gotten quite a thrill from it on and off over the last 45 years. About December of 2015 I finally met a girl (on Craig's list) to give me a professional makeover. That night was a rush. My first actual makeover where I felt "passable". I got seriously hit on, and sort of let it unfold, as I thought that was the goal... I ended up getting scared I couldn't get away from this guy at a club and excusing myself for the bathroom I quickly snuck out of the club, and headed back to the hotel. The night ended with frustration as I never felt like I met the goal, reached the mark, and or left something unfulfilled. Yet I didn't get it, I looked amazing, and had a young man tell me I would be his first. Yet I still felt unmet expectations. Felt this dressing up wasn't for me, so I boxed stuff up and hid it away. The rush came back,, so now, having one connection to professional make-up I went back 3 weeks later. This time her job on me was out of the park! She knew me better and the look I was after. Again, at a club I was hit on constantly telling them all out of the gate that I was married. Same ending. Unmet expectations. Depressed. I didn't understand why I felt the way I did. I had it all. The makeup, the look, ugh. I was done again, and tired so I went to sleep in the hotel without the normal "packing things up" first. When I woke up, it was time to dress up again and do the whole "mirrors" looks, and photos. Confused I decided to shower and head back to "normal", assuming the unmet need was a falsehood. Months went by until my trip to another town, another craigslist search for a makeover and met a "girl" who lives full time as a girl"... which sounded exciting and glamorous... She did a great job on my makeup and wanted to go with me to the club. Wow, this sounded cool. She knew tho (women's intuition that I wasn't "into her" sexually and began texting someone else saying let's go, I am super tired. I took her back home and a car pulled in behind us. She jumped out saying "take care",, jumped in the other car (driven by a "girl" with half the quality makeup I had on). So, I went back to the club we just left. Many gg's came up to me and said wow, you look beautiful. I thought you were with your gurlfriend... once I explained that we weren't together they were also less interested in really chatting but did want to pose for a group picture. The night was over and again it was back to the hotel lonely and unsure where my issue was. Depression again set in.

Several months went by and now it is time for a trip to Chicago on business. Internet searches happened daily. Found a lot of dungeons and bdsm stuff. Yet all I wanted was to figure out what was truly my goal, to get a makeover, to do some shopping, and maybe figure out how to put all this together and process it. The safest bet seemed to be a place not far from the airport called Transformations By Rori. After seeing it's storefront, I was incredibly nervous, because this was not just a regular beauty salon like where I had done my makeovers in the past, or someone's private house, which probably wasn't the safest thing to try with a total stranger. But this place seemed scary cause traffic out front was thick and everyone would see me walking down the sidewalk to go inside. They would know why I was going there... Upon arriving I saw a sign that read "parking in the back".. whew! Off Main Street! I'm going in. The next few hours were the most exciting I ever experienced. I totally looked male, was dressed male, and Rori asked "what's your female name?" Once I said "Lisa" everything changed... it was the most fun few hours of my life. Trying on clothes, with her sizing help, that actually fit, and not trying to squeeze myself into something too small or make something too big "work"... She asked if I had any of my things with me and once I said yes and went to grab my bag, I was done being a boy for that day...

The next 4 hours were an absolute rush. She knew things about me I didn't think were so obvious. She has a ton of experience with people like me and helped me meet a passability level I only had dreamed of. That night ended much the same as the others. Too hot to attract the gay men. Too straight to attract the lesbian women... that was my thought, then that thought wandered... what was I really trying to accomplish with the dressing??

Alone and lonely again.

The next morning I took my stuff back to her so I could donate stuff to someone who could t afford it and I wouldn't have to stuff it all on the plane and our talk over the next 20minutes changed me. It helped me realize I had been chasing the wrong goal. When you chase a phantom you never know when you find it. Not saying she wants to become your counselor but wow. Book a few hours with her. Let her really meet the real you, take this chance if you take no other chances. She is truly incredible!! Lisa

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